Photo 365 #8

So, this is what a truckload of corn looks like:


I’m pretty sure this is a perfect explanation for why I’ve been so tired all week.

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Photo 365 #3

This apple beauty was my reward for freezing God only knows how many quarts of corn.  It’s upwards of 90, but the exact amount is uncertain because we ran out of bags.  There’s still a boatload left to freeze, but we’re also out of freezer space.

apple pie

Apple pie has never tasted so good.

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*blink blink*

*chugs two gallons of strong coffee*

Wow!  Well, that’s a little better.  After yesterday, I’m exhausted.  It seems like every time I have a day or two off of work, I need a day or two to recover.  Vacation can be exhausting, but this summer, I haven’t been able to go on vacation, and it’s been equally exhausting.

IMG_20140805_150429Yesterday I froze corn, something I’ve only attempted as an adult once up to now.  It was bad.  I found my grandma’s recipe, then promptly misread it, and the results were terrible.  But we received a boatload of fresh sweet corn over the weekend and had to do something with it, so yesterday I tracked down my grandma’s recipe again, determined to have better results this time.

I’m happy to say I got what I wanted.  I’m even happier to say that I’m done freezing corn (for a while, anyway).

I posted a few shots of my progress on Instagram throughout the day yesterday, but it was after 11:00 p.m. last night before we were finally finished – it would have been much later without the help of my wonderful family.   When I was a kid, my mom’s family always used to freeze corn together – we shucked and cut the corn outside (this keeps the mess down, and I really wish I’d done the same thing yesterday), then cooked it inside.  It was always a big day – Grandpa always had a truckload of corn to freeze.  One of my favorite corn-freezing stories involved my great-grandma.  I have no idea if I was present at the time this particular incident occurred (she died when I was four), but I get a kick out of the story regardless.   Anyway, it was corn-freezing day…