Every time…

So this happened…again…


I feel more exhausted today than I did yesterday (and yesterday I was pretty doggone tired). How are you coping with the loss?

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Sublime Rhyme

To read more about Fezzik's great gift, check outThe Princess Bride!

To read more about Fezzik’s great gift, check outThe Princess Bride!

Unlike Fezzik, I do not possess a great gift for rhyme.  That, however, doesn’t stop me  from trying, especially when it’s with a super fun form like the limerick:

It takes a really long time to think
Of rhymes that don’t epically stink.
One rhyme is fine,
And two are sublime,
But from more than that, I do shrink.

Today’s poems are supposed to embrace the imperfect, and be personal, and I think I’ve done that here.  I love poems that rhyme, but rhyming is hard, yo!  What about you – do you like poems that rhyme?  Or do you prefer unrhymed verse?

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A chocolatey challenge

The Chocolate Bar Challenge is a blog tour in which participants choose up to eight of their favorite books and then pick the perfect chocolate to go with each of them.  I was tagged by the lovely AFE Smith and since the only thing I like better than books or chocolate is books AND chocolate, this seemed like a fantastic idea.

Now, on to the deliciousness!  In no particular order, of course. 🙂

Time-Enough-for-DrumsFirst up, it’s my all-time favorite book, Time Enough for Drums by Ann Rinaldi.  It’s set in Trenton during the Revolutionary War and follows Jemima, a staunch Patriot who can’t understand why her parents allow a Tory to tutor her.  But things aren’t quite what they seem, and as the war takes an unexpected toll, she learns some hard lessons about freedom and responsibility.  It’s a fantastic book, and I’ve read it so many times I can quote it at length.

Dove-Milk-Wrapper-SmallI think the best chocolate to pair with a great comfort read like this (because it’s one of my favorite comfort reads) is a milk chocolate Dove bar. Smooth and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness…