And now, an ecard


I’ve been fighting a sinus infection, an ear infection, and recovering from back-to-back Christmas parties with a cookie walk thrown in for good measure.  I baked 23 dozen Christmas cookies in a span of 24 hours.  I hope to be back to my normal self (both blogging and otherwise) soon, thanks to massive antibiotics (seriously, the things are horse pills!) and a(nother) good night’s sleep.  Until then, please to enjoy these delicious virtual cookies:


Mmm, delicious sugar cookies…om nom nom!

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16 thoughts on “And now, an ecard

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      Well, I wasn’t exactly sure, either, till I went to the kids’ cookie walk on Saturday. Apparently, people bake a whole bunch of cookies and then you set them out on a nice table. You get a box and go through the line picking out which cookies you want, and then you pay by the pound. The kids got to go through before people started arriving and pick out the cookies they wanted, so that was nice.

      A bunch of churches around here do cookie walks as a fundraiser. I had to bake seven dozen cookies earlier this month for my church’s cookie walk. The one on Saturday was for the kids’ 4-H club, and each member was supposed to bring ten dozen cookies. Since we have two kids who are members, that meant 20 dozen cookies. I also promised a dozen to a friend, and I ended up with two dozen extra, so I kept half and gave the rest to my in-laws. I was a baking fool last week.

      And then what did I do today? I told my coworker I’d bring cookies on Monday for the office Christmas party. Apparently I haven’t yet had my fill of floury fun.


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