The long-awaited mystery review

itsaomToday I’m taking a look at In the Shadows by Susan Finlay.  I met her through Facebook and when news of her impending release was announced, I pledged my time to a review.  But first, the blurb:

There is a stranger amongst the residents of the cave-riddled village of Reynier, France.  Suspicious, they believe there’s only one reason Maurelle Dupre would be lurking in their small village – she’s a gypsy, a thief.  But a former Chicago detective turned mystery author, Dave Martin, who happens to be visiting his French grandmother, isn’t so sure about the beautiful stranger when happenstance causes them to meet.  He wonders why she seems so frightened and distrustful.  He knows he shouldn’t get involved.  The last time he trusted a woman in distress, the consequences resulted in the loss of his detective’s shield and his wife.  But, as always, the detective in him can’t seem to leave well enough alone.

However, what Dave couldn’t know is how persuading Maurelle to reveal herself will ultimately unveil something far worse than mere theft.

In the Shadows is a story of trust, belonging, and murder.

I’d like to start by saying that I don’t read a whole lot of mysteries.  I probably have a few in my massive TBR pile, but I think the last book I read that could properly be called a mystery is Mary Higgins Clark‘s Where Are the Children?.  It’s not that I don’t like a good mystery – I do.  It’s just not a genre I’ve read widely.  Also, this review may contain mild spoilers.   Read further at your own risk.