Photo 365 #26

Yes, it’s another picture from our weekend trip up north. It’s one of the trails at Effigy Mounds National Monument.


This could make a pretty book cover. Hope you’re all having a happy Tuesday!

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The vacation post

The world-famous Butter Cow, hand-crafted by Sarah Pratt.

Once again, I find myself penning a post about a family vacation.  This time, summer has come and gone, taking our family vacations with it.  This time, due to school starting in the middle of August (don’t ask me why), we were forced to cut our trip short by a day and decided not to go camping.  See, from what I understand, schools are not supposed to start till after Labor Day (September 3 this year), but they are allowed to apply for a waiver if they would like to begin prior to that date and the governor can either approve or deny the request.  I can’t recall him ever denying a waiver request and I can’t recall school ever beginning after Labor Day; it’s always started in August, and it starts earlier every year.  This year, our school started classes on August 15, but I know some schools were in session last week.

But I digress. Instead of going camping up north like we’d planned, we headed south, invading Seymour’s parents’ house for a few days and running ourselves ragged.

Phlogalicious Friday

Fishing by Kay Kauffman

Welcome to the first in my Friday Phlog series!  This week’s photo features an old picture of my oldest son, the Tominator (aka the Terrific Tomcat).  This photo commemorates his very first fishing trip at his great-aunt Sandy’s house.  She and her husband live in a beautiful gated community dotted with ponds that are kept fully stocked.  When we were visiting them for their 25th anniversary luau (complete with un lechon – that’s roast suckling pig for those of you not in the know), my darling baby boy was treated to his first fishing trip in one of the ponds near Sandy’s gorgeous house.

Do you wanna see the house? Huh? Huh? Do ya? Well, then click on through and check out another pretty picture!