One of those days…

Yes, it was one of those days today.  Actually, it wasn’t really a bad day, but it started off looking like it was going to be one.  I woke up and discovered that Cricket had managed to unscrew the cap from a full tube of Desitin.  Evidently, he thought it would make a wonderful styling accessory because his hair was full of it.  I guess he also thought it would make great make-up, because his face was covered in it, too.  Naturally, it was all over his hands.  He got it in his bedding, on his feet, on his door.  It was a mess.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take a picture of said mess until after I’d already started cleaning him up.  This required a bath.  Cricket hates baths.  If you asked him – and if he could speak with an adult vocabulary – he would tell you that baths are the latest form of water torture devised by the CIA.  Giving him a bath is a two-man job and there are times when a third man would be much appreciated.  Instead, I was on my own this morning, until Miss Tadpole showed up.  Watching the two of us trying to give Cricket a bath was like watching Three Men and a Baby.  Or, you know, any of those videos they show on AFV of dads changing their kids’ diapers while wearing gas masks and/or trying not to vomit.  You’d think I’d never given a baby a bath before, but I have, I swear!  It’s just that this kid despises water.  He doesn’t even really like to drink it.  He would much rather have milk, though juice will do in a pinch.  But I digress.

Clearly, the fight to win the washing-up made me late for work.  It also made me wet.  Luckily, I was still in my pajamas, so at least I didn’t have to find new work clothes and then change into them, thus making myself even later for work than I already was.  I succeeded in getting most of the Desitin out of Cricket’s hair, but it’s still a bit stiff in places, so I really should wash it again.  Tomorrow.  When Seymour is home and available to help. *sigh*

Anyway, once I got to work, the day went pretty smoothly, outside of a little craziness around the time my coworker left for lunch.  And now I have a lovely four-day weekend to look forward to, filled with good times with good friends (and pretty dresses!).  But now it’s time for bed.  See you all on the flip side!

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