Photo Friday on a Tuesday!

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So today’s photo post is all about the weekend!  I went to my cousin’s wedding this weekend and it was beautiful.  The church was gorgeous, everyone was dressed to the nines, and the reception was lovely.  My uncle (the groom’s father) is a beekeeper and made the unity candles that were used during the service in addition to providing the party favors for the reception – miniature jars of honey!  Yum yum. 🙂  The wedding featured three officiants: Rev. Ramona Bouzard from Wartburg College, David and Laura’s alma mater (I also went there for a year – go Knights!); the minister from the church they got married in whose name escapes me at the moment; and Laura’s father, Randy.  Randy performed the vows portion of the ceremony and when Laura’s voice broke after the first line, he said, “You don’t have to cry just because I am!”  That was my favorite part of the whole service because it was so sweet.

However, I’m so tired that I can’t seem to type (and I’ve been trying to since I sat down to write this post yesterday).  So instead of me blathering on about how hard it was to watch my cousin marry the woman of his dreams because he’s really more like my kid brother than my cousin, I think I’ll just let you all have a look-see at some of the pretty, pretty pictures captured by Heather Rissler Botine.

Hope everyone has a happy Fourth of July tomorrow!  Stay safe, wherever you are!

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3 thoughts on “Photo Friday on a Tuesday!

    • Kay Lynn says:

      Thanks! Her dress was even more gorgeous in person – it was just so timeless, so elegant. And the father-daughter dance was stunning – that was when I lost it and started to cry.


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