D-Day for Pitch Wars

Well, today was announcement day for the Pitch Wars competition.  Sadly, I was not selected by any of the awesome mentors.  But!  I did get some fantastic feedback from two of the three mentors I submitted to, which I was totally not expecting.  That kinda made my day, actually.  Of course, like any author who has sent out a query and had it rejected, I wish the feedback could have been a little more specific and/or had some suggestions for ways to improve, but I know they were all very busy and swamped and I am super grateful for what I got.  However, back to the drawing board go I.

I hadn’t really expected to be chosen.  And I’ve spent the last week or so kicking myself for submitting so early because I took some advice I received during GUTGAA and used it to hopefully fix up my first page.  Whether it would have made a difference or not, I’ll never know, of course, but I really regretted my itchy typing fingers.

If you’d like to find out what I’ll be up to next, or if you’re interested in witnessing a small mental collapse of sorts, then click on through. There might even be chocolate.