What a day!  It’s been a rough couple of days for me, guys.  Today I worked straight through my lunch hour and didn’t have a chance to do any writing till sometime after seven o’clock tonight.  It was nuts!  But hopefully things will settle down after tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’ll be posting more snippets soon.

But now, bed.  We have a date.  I need all the Z’s.

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Staying positive

There’s a song that says, “The longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss.”  I hope that it holds true for publishing as well.

I received another rejection yesterday.  This time it really hurt, as the rejection came from someone who had requested my full manuscript.  I knew I shouldn’t get my hopes up and I did my best not to, but it still stung.  I understand that they can’t take on every project – it’s a small press, and it’s not the easiest of times out there.  You really have to love a project to take it on.

There was a bright spot in the midst of the gloom, though.

Monday cometh

And another long holiday weekend bites the dust. I find myself wishing that tomorrow wasn’t Monday because I’ve got loads more writing to do and little time in which to get it done. Oh, well, I guess. C’est la vie.

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Ghost fight

Hey, look at that!  I finished Chapter 10.  I’ve been a busy little bee.  If only lunch breaks were a little longer, I might get even more done, but at least the words are flowing fast and free.  Will this be the year I win NaNoWriMo?

“Don’t make me smack you again, big brother.  Just do what I tell you for once, please?  If you don’t, you’re putting everyone we know and love in danger.  This is the way it’s got to be, Henry.  Michael is the only one who can stop what’s going to happen, but he can’t do it if you’re there with him.  You’ve got to leave.  Tonight.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then we’ll be seeing each other again real soon.  And this time, it won’t be a dream.”

I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

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Strange times

Yesterday, the courthouse groundskeeper was busy putting up fresh evergreen garland around the lampposts that dot the square.  Today, he was busy mowing the lawn and it felt like spring.  I know it’s Iowa and the weather will change at the drop of a hat, but dude – it’s November.  Get with the program.

Just don’t swear.  You can hold off on that till after New Year’s.

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Chapter 9 is done and I feel fine

So I’ve finished Chapter 9 and am well into it with Chapter 10.  But due to a migraine of epic proportions, my writing and computer time has been all out of whack the last couple of days.  Thankfully, I’m finally feeling better.  Yay!  Just in time for Thanksgiving on Thursday, when I will hopefully avoid food coma but probably not football apathy.

Oh, right, you wanted a story snippet, didn’t you?  How silly of me. 😀

Michael considered his father.  He was not now, nor had he ever been, the most open of men.  In fact, he had often wondered what his mother had seen in such a buttoned-down man, but clearly she had been privy to information to which he was not.  This chink in his father’s armor had shown him a whole new side of a man he thought he knew as well as himself.  He liked this new side of his father much better.

So there you go!  A little insight into the Briant family.  Happy Tuesday!

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