Death Scare

One day in 1202 a boy named Jack told a legend to Trey in 1995.  A little boy named Steve disappeared on Halloween night, trick or treating.  A ***** took him.  The legend says that he was found the next morning DEAD!  One person knows what took him and that person is Tom Smith.  So Trey died of fright.

If you want to know what took him it will cost 5 bucks.

Note: I’ve been advised that the thing that took him was a ghost, but the author wanted to get people excited about the story, so he crossed out the word ghost and replaced it with a shaded box.  Nine years old and already a writer after my own heart.

Bubbles brought the preceding story home from school a week or so back.  He had written it for a project and set it rather unceremoniously on my desk in a pile with everything else from his Friday Folder.  I was tickled to see one of his stories because it seems like they all end up at his dad’s house.  His teachers have been telling me for years now that he is very creative and that they love reading his stories, which naturally makes me extremely proud.  As a matter of fact, his teacher invited me to speak to their class at his last conference when she found out that I write.

I love the way he ended his tale.  It reminds me of many of the things I wrote as a youngster.  I only hope that his love of storytelling will stay with him as he grows up.

(c) 2012.  All rights reserved.