And then there were seven…

That’s right, I’ve finished Chapter 7!  I plan to get a good start on Chapter 8 tomorrow, assuming I don’t have to spend all day in Convenient Care with Cricket, who seems to have a nasty eye infection thanks to a little girl at his new daycare.  He seems particularly susceptible to eye infections; this isn’t the first time it’s happened.  Hopefully it’ll clear up quicker than last time, though.

Anyway, here’s a snippet from Chapter 7.  Happy weekend!

“Don’t worry, my dear,” Narok said, offering his arm and bestowing on Luta one of his most winning smiles as Ramila disappeared into the crowd.  “I could never abandon a lady as lovely as yourself to the cruelty of solitude.  Shall we take a turn about the room?”

Luta glowed under the warmth of his praise.  “That is exceedingly kind of you, good sir, but surely there are others with whom you would rather spend your time?”

“Nonsense!  What could be finer than the company of a beautiful woman?”

She hid her smile behind her fan, but the sound of her laughter bubbled up from behind it.  “If you keep complimenting me like that, Maru Doon, I fear I may not be able to leave the room.  I will have no choice but to stay here and listen to you forever.”

He laughed, though he sensed she was only half-joking.  “That would not be altogether bad, would it?”

“Maru Doon, what are you talking about?”  Luta’s smile faded; the mirth was now gone from her voice.

“You know your place, my dear, and I find that quality singularly pleasing in a woman, especially one of your caliber,” he said evasively.  “I find that knowledge of one’s duty and one’s place in society can make an otherwise ordinary person remarkably attractive, don’t you?”

Luta nodded, desperately hoping he didn’t think her ordinary.  “I am nothing, sir, if not devoted to my duties as a woman and a citizen of our great kingdom.  I think you will not find me ordinary.”

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