Lately I’ve been working.  A lot.  I’ve been working a lot at work (Ooh, hello, tax season!).  I’ve been working a lot at home, too (the laundry never. ends.), both on house-type stuff and writing-type stuff.  I have my work cut out for me on the last chapter I wrote; the last third of it needs some serious help.  But that will have to wait.

I’ve also been having some fun.  With what, you ask?  Well, I’ve been messing about on Pinterest quite a lot lately.  You can find boards depicting Lokana, the surrounding area, and the people who live there.  You can also find a few laughs, if you’re so inclined, and maybe a little writerly inspiration.

I’ve also rekindled my photography habit.  Or rather, my photo-editing habit.   Behold, the fruits of my labor. . .behind the cut!