Star Trek and books: A Valentine’s Blog Hop

blog-hop-tag-3001Well, it’s that time of year again: the stores are full of chocolates, red and pink decorations abound, and if you’re not careful, Cupid might get you with his trusty bow and arrow.  That’s right, Valentine’s Day approacheth!  Joleene Naylor, one of the wonderful members of the Ink Slingers League, is hosting a little blog hop celebrating the loveliest of holidays and the loveliest of pastimes, reading!  Here, then, be my entry for the I ♥ Books Blog Hop! 🙂

Valentine’s Day is not the only special February day in the Kauffman house.  February 10 is a pretty special day, too.  February 10 is the anniversary of my first date with Seymour an unbelievable five years ago.  And February 16 is his birthday, so that’s another special day.  I can hear you all now: What the heck does your first date have to do with Star Trek and Valentine’s Day, let alone books?  Well, if you know us, or if you’ve been reading my rambling scribblings here for long enough, you’ll know that it was Star Trek that brought Seymour and me together (among other things, like small-town curiosity (okay, fine, small-town nosiness)).

On our first date at the local pizza joint, we ran into my kindergarten teacher, who stopped to chat.