And now…

Full sprawl. How feline. :)

Full sprawl. How feline. 🙂

…further proof that my son is a bipedal cat:

This morning I was awakened by the sound of Thumper taking down the baby gate from his bedroom doorway.  (I really don’t know why I bother putting it up anymore since he knows how to take it down, but I do.  Maybe it’s for those extra few seconds I gain in which to prepare myself for battle with a two-year-old.)  He tiptoed through the hall, barged into our room, and climbed into bed next to me, where he sat on all fours and stared at me, grinning from ear to ear, his nose about an inch from mine.

When I finally opened my eyes to acknowledge his presence, he whispered, “Time to get up!”

If cats could talk, surely they’d say something similar.  And this, my friends, is why I am on my second 2L bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper.  The first one was gone by noon.

If you’ve got a cute kid story, share it below!  I could use a little cuteness on this dreary Friday afternoon.

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