Photo Friday returns!

Today, I am exhausted.  With a capital E.  We’ve finished moving and have begun the Great Unpacking, and I’m not sure which I like less.  So while we find our belongings (and maybe even our minds), here are some pictures of what the last couple of weeks have been like.  Moving with family is always interesting, and probably a lot less stressful than moving with strangers because you can be yourself, whether it’s good, bad, or ugly.

If you can’t be yourself around family, who can you be yourself around?

So: Family.  Moving.  Pictures.

Did I mention that I have a partner for my Photo Friday posts?  Because I seem to remember mentioning something about it. 🙂  Anyway, thanks to the Blogging 201 course I took last month, I met the lovely Charnele Henry and we decided to collaborate on Photo Fridays.  We chose the theme of family, which fit in nicely with my move.  You can find her post here, and be sure to check out some of her other posts, too!  There’s a lot to see.

Happy Friday, everybody, and if you’re traveling for Mother’s Day this weekend, safe journey!  I’ll see you all back here on Monday. 🙂

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