Photo Friday Blues

That’s right, today’s theme is blue:


Me: What shade of blue?
Seymour: You know, blue.
Me: Yes, but what shade – sky blue?  Baby blue?  Cerulean?  Aquamarine?
Seymour: Just blue!  Crayola blue!
(drive to Lowe’s)
Seymour: Yes, I’m looking for some blue paint.
Paint guy: Okay, what shade?  We have 887 different varieties of blue.

Sorry, every time I hear the word blue, I recall the time we painted Bubbles’ bedroom.  It just never gets old. 😀

But this picture is not of his room.  This is my steamy bathroom window one morning this past winter.  I just love this picture; it’s got so many shades of color, and the texture in it is just fantastic.  It reminds me a bit of all the ice in Frozen (great movie, by the way, and despite the fact that I’ve seen it a zillion times since Easter, I still haven’t tired of it yet).

Anyway, happy Friday!  Does anyone have any big plans for the long weekend?  Tell me all about them in the comments so I can live vicariously through you – we’re staying home this weekend.  And don’t forget to stop by Charnele’s blog and see what she’s got up for this week’s extra-blue Photo Friday!

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