Photo Friday Blues

That’s right, today’s theme is blue:


Me: What shade of blue?
Seymour: You know, blue.
Me: Yes, but what shade – sky blue?  Baby blue?  Cerulean?  Aquamarine?
Seymour: Just blue!  Crayola blue!
(drive to Lowe’s)
Seymour: Yes, I’m looking for some blue paint.
Paint guy: Okay, what shade?  We have 887 different varieties of blue.

Sorry, every time I hear the word blue, I recall the time we painted Bubbles’ bedroom.  It just never gets old. 😀

But this picture is not of his room.  This is my steamy bathroom window one morning this past winter.  I just love this picture; it’s got so many shades of color, and the texture in it is just fantastic.  It reminds me a bit of all the ice in Frozen (great movie, by the way, and despite the fact that I’ve seen it a zillion times since Easter, I still haven’t tired of it yet).

Anyway, happy Friday!  Does anyone have any big plans for the long weekend?  Tell me all about them in the comments so I can live vicariously through you – we’re staying home this weekend.  And don’t forget to stop by Charnele’s blog and see what she’s got up for this week’s extra-blue Photo Friday!

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14 thoughts on “Photo Friday Blues

  1. Englepappa says:

    Beautiful picture! I agree in your thoughts about the picture – the shades and the texture is just wonderful. This weekend we’re having an end-of-season celebration at our local CHRISC-group, and we’re hoping for good weather, so the youths at our group shows up… I wish you a happy weekend!


    • Kay Kauffman says:

      Thank you! I hope you have a lovely weekend – I am so excited to have winter over and done with. The sun is lovely, the colors are lovely, and the warmer temps are lovely, too. Hello, summer! 🙂


  2. Sophie E Tallis says:

    I LOVE blue too, cobalt, cerulean, ultramarine, cornflower, sky, powder, Prussian, Phthalo, aqua, azure, electric, baby blue, sapphire, bluebell, cyan, midnight blue, imperial, royal, French blue, indigo blue, aquamarine, iceberg blue, iris, lapis lazuli, lavender, moonstone blue, navy, Oxford blue, peacock blue, duck egg blue, turquoise, teal, steel, violet blue, Egyptian blue, denim, Persian blue, zaffre…..ahhhhhhhh yes, I LOVE blue! 😀


  3. Roger says:

    That is the strangest shot, but very cool. I’m going to do what I do every weekend – nothing. Although I might wander up the yard and tease my daughter’s pony with carrots just to dull the monotony.


    • Kay Kauffman says:

      Aw, thank you! I have tons of pictures of random stuff. I once took a picture of a sign that said “Free wood scraps” because I thought it was funny (can’t remember why, now, but at the time, I found it hilarious), and another time I took a picture of a sign at a nearby state park because they used an apostrophe to form a plural and it drove me nuts. 🙂


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