Photo 365 #138

Our Christmas celebrations began tonight with a visit to my aunt and uncle. They took us out for supper, and then we all went back to their house to open gifts. On our way there, we had to stop for some people who were crossing the street:


A group of carolers was going from house to house on my aunt and uncle’s street. We told them what we’d seen, and my aunt said she wished she’d seen them. Thus began a conversation about caroling when we were younger, and as we each shared our memories, the group reached us, so we all headed to the door to listen.

Well, all of us except the boys. They were too busy playing with the toy nativity set on the coffee table.

It was a perfect night for caroling – it wasn’t too cold, a light snow was falling, and everyone’s spirits were high. I haven’t been caroling since I was a kid, and I remember it being much colder then (though that could have been because we didn’t walk – we did more of a singing hayride sort of thing). I haven’t even seen carolers in a very long time, so this really made my night.

Do you go caroling, or have you in the past?

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