Photo 365 #148

My cousin and his wife came for a visit yesterday.  We don’t get to see them very often, so it was nice to see them.  We exchanged Christmas gifts; we visited; it was a good time.  Cricket and Thumper enjoyed opening presents again, but I’m not sure if they had more fun with their new toys or the wrapping:


“I’m a present!”


That poor bag definitely paid for itself.  First Cricket wanted to sit in it, and I think he sat in it for five minutes.  As soon as he got out, then Thumper wanted in.  But Thumper is a perpetual motion machine, and he was tired to boot, which meant he was going even faster than normal just to keep himself awake.  He sat in the bag for a couple minutes, then he wanted out.  Then he wanted back in, and then he wanted back out.  I bet he was in and out of that bag seven or eight times.  It was pretty entertaining.

We still have a couple Christmas celebrations to go yet, but I’m enjoying the seasonal extension.  It just didn’t feel like Christmas this year since we didn’t get the tree up right away.

Are you all finished with Christmas?  Or do you still have some celebrating left to do?

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