Photo 365 #162

Have I mentioned lately that I’m tired of winter?  Cuz I totally am.  We seem to be getting the short end of the winter stick this year – all the sub-freezing temps, but none of the pretty, pretty snow.

Now, of course, it feels like March outside because the temperatures have rebounded from somewhere in the -10°F range to the mid-30’s, and it’s glorious.  But, as one of my awesome friends said yesterday, “I want it to be March in March.”

March it ain’t, at least not yet.


But in honor of the warmer temperatures, I thought I’d share a picture from a warmer time of year.  Here’s me driving a tractor for the first time last summer.  We lost some trees in one of the many storms that plagued our area last year, and Seymour and I spent a good portion of this particular afternoon cleaning one of them up.  Driving a tractor was an interesting experience – I’ve driven riding lawn mowers many times, but it’s been ages since I did it last, and this is quite a bit bigger.  Still, it was a good day.

I can’t wait for more good days on the farm this summer.  What are you looking forward to this year?

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6 thoughts on “Photo 365 #162

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      Nope – all Fahrenheit. A couple weeks ago when it was so bitterly cold, I’d have taken 35°C, but then I’d have probably complained that it was too hot, and I’ll be doing that soon enough. Still, -10°F is too dang cold.


    • Kay Kauffman says:

      You and me both, Mark. And we’ve got the short end of the winter stick here – all the cold, none of the pretty.

      On the bright side, the warm snap continues. Most of our snow is now gone, not that we had a whole lot to begin with.


    • Kay Kauffman says:

      I’m sorry you keep getting sick, Tricia – I hope you’re on the mend soon! My trouble has been with headaches – I’ve had a migraine for a week now. Spring can show up any time! At least then when my head hurts, I can suspect it’s due to allergies and take something that will actually help.

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