Photo 365 #163

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today. I’m copying some of Seymour’s CDs onto my computer for my later listening pleasure, and so many of the songs are ones I listened to growing up. He’s got albums by Reba McIntyre and Alan Jackson, Diamond Rio and Shenandoah, Alabama and Tanya Tucker, and a five-disc set of classic Disney tunes…

I’m having a ton of fun listening to them all as they copy; it’s like taking a walk down memory lane with a group of old friends:


I found these while I was going through my filing cabinet this afternoon. (Gotta do something while I wait for CDs to rip.) If you’re like me, you grew up before cell phones were ubiquitous and did your own fair share of note-passing. I’ve got tins of them left over from high school, and every now and then I dig them out and look through them again.

To discourage unintended viewing, we sometimes wrote them like this:


Believe it or not, I can still read this. The key is long since gone, but this was the code we used most often, so even after fifteen years, I can still tell you what it says. (Spoiler alert: It was about a boy.)

Were you a note-passer in school? Did you ever get caught?

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3 thoughts on “Photo 365 #163

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      I only had one high school boyfriend write me love letters, and I’m sure those are buried in my note tins, too. I don’t think I kept the last one he wrote me, though – it was a guilt trip in verse form, part of his attempt to woo me back after I’d broken up with him.

      But now I’m curious…Guess I’ll have to go digging and see if I kept it or not! 🙂


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