Photo 365 #339

I love you, tiny human.

“I love you, tiny human. I think I’ll keep you.”


One of our cats isn’t doing well.  Poor Buddy seems to be the target of the neighborhood bully.  I don’t know who (or what) is beating him up, but the poor guy is really suffering.  We cleaned out a wound near his eye last weekend, and this afternoon we went to clean it again and discovered an abscess on top of his head.

The poor thing is just miserable, and I feel miserable for him.

I was going to share a picture from the local paper today; there’s an article in it about my upcoming book signing, but I think I’ll wait a day or so.  Poor Buddy’s at the top of my thoughts at the moment, so here’s a picture of him from earlier this year, snuggling up to Cricket one morning as I was heading off to work.  He’s one of the most affectionate cats I’ve ever had the privilege to know, and I hope he makes it through this.

How do you cope with an ill pet?

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