Photo 365 #346

It’s a beautiful day!  Not too hot, not too humid, a little bit sunny – completely gorgeous.


I could spend all day like this.  Just give me a book and a drink and I’ll be good to go!

How do you like to relax on lazy Sunday afternoons?

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12 thoughts on “Photo 365 #346

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      That’s how it’s been here for the last week or so. I was astounded this morning when I walked outside to get yesterday’s mail and it didn’t feel like I was in the tropics! I don’t know how long this is supposed to last, but I’ll take it while I can get it, that’s for sure. 🙂

      Hope your weather straightens up sooner rather than later!


  1. Roger says:

    Being hot here for a change i was going to relax and not even write today. However, I had to go and make my daughter’s horse’s bed and feed him. Did he say thank you; not a chance.
    And I got bitten by a horse fly. The nags can keep them. I’m all for sharing but that’s a bit much.

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    • Kay Kauffman says:

      I thought of you this evening at supper, as Seymour broke the news to me that Miss Tadpole wants a horse. Luckily, he said no. I’m with you when it comes to sharing bugs – the animals can keep ’em.


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