Experiment: Light!

I love photographing flowers almost as much as I love shooting the sky. I love all the textures, the shapes, the way you can create a whole scene with nothing more than a few stamen and a petal.

Here, then, are some pretty, pretty flowers, shot in a variety of lighting conditions and from a variety of angles:

Clearly I have trouble limiting myself to a few pictures. Thank goodness for digital photography, or I’d go broke developing pictures! 🙂

What kinds of things do you enjoy experimenting with in your photography?

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Natural world

I have a thing for dead trees. Not a creepy, weird kind of thing, just an appreciation. I love the way they look. I’m fascinated by the variety of textures they have and by the lines they create.


I stumbled across this one while hiking with my husband a few years ago. I could have photographed it for hours. It was rainy that day; the bark was chocolate brown and the leaves on the surrounding trees were so green they practically glowed. It was an amazing sight.

While I originally took this photo in color, I think I like the black and white version better. For one thing, my original photo makes it look like the leaves on all the surrounding trees are attached to this one. But for another, I just don’t feel like I was able to truly capture the scene as I saw it. Maybe I just need more practice. Or maybe it was just one of those beautiful scenes that refuse to be preserved.

Incidentally, I’m having a similar problem with a short story at the moment. It refuses to cooperate, and finishing it was like pulling teeth. I’ve no doubt that revising it will be the same, so I’m going to work on another one for a little while and see if that helps.

Either way, I really like this picture, and I hope you enjoy it, too. 🙂

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Girl meets boy. Girl woos boy with her Star Trek knowledge. Girl falls on ice, and boy catches her. Boy asks girl to marry him, and girl loses her voice. History. Made. Memories made. Love made.


Love: Small word. Big concept.

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This is what happens when you connect with a tree:


Our first family sledding trip was somewhat more eventful than expected. We took them out to the lake, got the sleds all set up, and watched with bated breath as the kids took off down the hill. But then Thumper’s sled veered right.

He was flying down the hill and headed right for a stand of trees.

Exeriment: Composition!

I love shooting the sky:

I have more pictures of the sky than you can shake a stick at, and I love them all equally.  Well, I love most of them equally.  Narrowing it down to eighteen was hard work, especially as I’d intended to narrow it down to ten…

What’s your favorite thing to photograph?

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As I said before, I love the wild places. The lonely places. Places where man’s influence is hard to feel. That kind of solitude can leave a person feeling tiny, insignificant even. Or it can leave you feeling huge, too big for the space you’re in.


Waiting for the bus…

Foggy days, though dreary, leave me a little claustrophobic. I often liken it to a curtain or shroud in poetry, and for me, it’s a fitting description. When you’re driving down the road and the fog is so thick you can barely see the front end of your car, it can feel suffocating. Of course, if I’m at home when the fog rolls in and I don’t have to leave the house, then I feel more cozy than trapped.

On the other hand, when you can see for miles, it’s very easy to feel very small. A leaf on the wind. And yet, that can be an amazing feeling, to know that you’re a part of something so big and that, though small, your actions can profoundly impact the world around you.


Take the man – men – who built this bridge. They probably expected it would be used forever, or at least for a very long time. They built it to last, and last it has.

But the trains don’t run through here no more.

It’s a picturesque little spot on the river, though, and I’d love to go back one day with my camera and my sense of adventure. There’s something about the wild, lonely places that draws me in every time…

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My bliss lies in writing. I love it – I can’t get enough of it.

So many irons in the fire...

So many irons in the fire…

No, really. When I haven’t written in a while, I start getting really cranky. Ask my family.

Of course, that also extends to times where I’m not writing as much as I’d like, or times where extracting the story from my brain is like extracting a particularly difficult wisdom tooth, or times where editing is kicking my butt six ways from Sunday…

Still, writing (and editing, I suppose) is my bliss. What’s yours?

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Today’s Photo 101 prompt involves water. I have lots of pictures of water – trying to choose just one was not easy!

But there was an added challenge for this post, and it involved orientation. Vertical or horizontal – which one’s better?

In this case, I like the vertical one best:

These are some old pictures; Bubbles was only three when these were taken. This was his first-ever fishing trip, and it spoiled him a little bit because he caught a fish just about every time he dropped his line in the water. They bit quickly, too – none of that waiting business that so often goes along with fishing.

If only every fishing trip could be like this one… 🙂

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