Tomb-yard Follies, a review

tyfSo my reading has been a little slow of late. Between sick kids and school events, revisions and renovations, it’s been a little hectic around these parts. But over the weekend, I managed to carve out enough time to read Tomb-yard Folliesthe latest in Jim Webster’s Port Naain Intelligencer series, and these be my thoughts.

To begin with, I thought it was great fun. The beginning, in particular, had me intrigued. After all, nothing breeds potential conflict quite like a mysterious group of people in robes ambling through an orgy.

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Getting back to the point, this was a bit different from the last two in that Tallis and Shena appeared less than they did in previous stories, but it was interesting to get more of a feel for Benor. I’d have liked a bit more in the way of explanation about Tizah, but perhaps the enigma that is Tizah will be further expounded upon in later stories?

Please? *looks hopeful*

Anyway, this was a lovely way to dispose of an afternoon, and I can’t wait to see what Mr. Webster comes up with next.

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Fiesta Diet Downfall

dipOh, delicious dip,
Your spicy, creamy goodness
Will be my downfall.

How can I resist
You? Perhaps if I had a
Little willpower…

Today’s poem comes complete with bonus recipe:

Fiesta Ranch Dip

1 packet Hidden Valley Fiesta Ranch Dip
10 oz. can Rotel Original, drained
11 oz. can Mexicorn, drained
16 oz. sour cream (for thicker dip, halve the sour cream)
1 c. finely shredded cheddar cheese

Mix all ingredients in a medium size bowl and chill for an hour. Serve with your favorite tortilla chips, or eat with a spoon. Seriously, it’s that good. 😀

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