My triumph today was all about smiles, both mine and my kids’. See, it’s been a rough day. It started early when my car died on the way to work. *sigh* Luckily, I have a pretty awesome coworker who came to pick me up and a husband who had the day off and was able to get my car back on the road.

I also have something delicious cooking in the kitchen. 😉

Apparently Cricket had a hard day, too. Bubbles beat him at football and refused a rematch due to dark and cold conditions. Luckily, Miss Tadpole had a fluffy bunny with which to cheer him up:

And now that all is well with the world (or at least with my kids), I’m off to enjoy a nice and hopefully relaxing evening at home. Have a great weekend!

What puts a smile on your face when you’re feeling down?

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Brighter Days

It’s National Poetry Month! If you’re new here, I post a poem a day during the month of April in celebration of poetry because I love it so very, very much. Here, then, is today’s poem:

Like the sun,
Your smile has gone,
And like the sky,
My heart weeps.
Bitter tears fall like rain
As I mourn your loss.

But like the rain,
My tears will one day end.
Like the sun,
The memory of your smile
Will brighten my days
Until we meet again.

If you liked this poem, there’s more where it came from! Check out Tuesday Daydreams and A Song for All Seasons for more of my poetic ramblings. Happy April!

(c) 2016. All rights reserved.