Mondays come and Fridays go, but weekends last forever.

How will you spend yours?

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…because sometimes a reminder of all that is beautiful in the world can make you feel whole, even when you’re broken.

What beauty stirs your soul?

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Delivery Fail

They promised us sun,
But they failed to deliver.
They promised us blue,
But they failed in that, too.

They promised us springtime,
A break from the clouds.
They promised us sunshine,
And much peace of mind.

But they lied. Or they failed.
Or they failed and they lied,
And nothing’s more dangerous
Than a man’s wounded pride.

And so we lie here,
Our hands round a beer,
As tears fall from the sky
And every man’s eye,
And we seek the sweet comfort
Of oblivion nigh.

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The Devil Dogs

It was a dry snow; I could tell by the way it swirled in the wind. I shivered.

Old Man Winter wasn’t about to go quietly into the night. Oh, no. He raged outside me window against the coming of the light, huffing and puffing with all of his might. We’d have another foot by morning, or I wasn’t Effie McCray.

At least it would move easily, being so dry. Thank goodness it weren’t packing snow.

Packing snow was heavy, wet stuff, perfect for felling timbers and building snowmen. But we didn’t have any old trees, or even any young ones, to worry about anymore, nor any young’uns itchin’ to build a snowman. The ice storms had already taken care of ’em.

They’d taken care of a lotta things.

I rolled over in bed so’s I faced away from the window. The fire was out in the hearth, and I was out of logs. Oh sure, there were plenty out in the woodshed, but I weren’t about to fetch more. Not after dark, no siree. My Peter had always kept…

One Foggy Night

The fog wove in and out of the trees, making the dark of night seem even darker. The light from my high beams disappeared into the void, swallowed whole by the night. I’d driven this road every night for as long as I could remember, yet tonight it felt new. Strange. Ominous.

I heard it as I rounded the curve, a kettle’s high, whining song, only much, much louder. Home was just within view, and just out of reach. And then, engulfed by a blinding fireball, it was gone.

I sat for a moment, watching the blaze. And then I backed up, turned around, drove into the night till the flames were no more than a memory. The fog wrapped itself around my car as I drove, and I let it envelop me like a warm blanket.

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What a wonderful day to go golfing,
A day full of laughter and fun.
It’s a wonderful day to go golfing,
With kings, jacks, and jokers out in the sun.
Yes, it’s a wonderful day to go golfing,
Now with the king and his court, I must run.

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Definitely Spring

It’s definitely spring.
There’s a chill in the air,
And it’s completely soggy outside,
But there’s a hint of green
That I’ve sorely missed.

Yes, it’s definitely spring.
There’s a song in the air,
And it’s completely sunny outside,
But there’s still a chill
That will not soon be missed.

Oh, it’s definitely spring…

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