Feminine or masculine?

And another one, from the same friend, that I also found hilarious:

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2 thoughts on “Feminine or masculine?

  1. TooFullToWrite says:

    Lol so true! We Brits pull our hair out over masculine and feminine. I personally enjoy how objects have to be analysed to see if they have dominant male or female traits, which then helps explain why they are masculine or feminine just to have you curse because it is an inanimate, sexless object. Chinese and Japanese translations will never stop being funny when the translations are so literal without any kind of nuance but then I guess that is what happens when language is such a colourful creative beast to begin with 🙂

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    • Kay Kauffman says:

      I honestly don’t understand the whole masculine/feminine thing, because no one I know actively frets about that. You can then imagine my surprise when I discovered that whole sentences can either be masculine or feminine. Oh, language, you so crazy! 😀


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