Photo Friday throwback: The late edition

This weekend, man. Talk about busy! I meant to share this last night when I got back from the last fish fry of 2015, but I was so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
Anyway, since it’s Easter weekend, this week’s throwback photo is Easter-themed. It was taken on Easter Sunday in 1991 at my aunt’s house, right after my sister, my cousin, and I had finished our Easter egg hunt. My aunt must have been the one who took this picture because my grandparents and my mom are all sitting on the steps with us (along with my cousin’s grandpa). My mom and my grandpa were huge photography buffs, as is my aunt, so family get-togethers when I was growing up involved many, many pictures. And if we were getting together with my great-aunt and her family? More cameras.

You can see where I get my shutterbug-ism from. 🙂

Did you hunt Easter eggs when you were a kid?

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Photo Friday besties edition, round 3

This week’s throwback is from my senior year of high school.  I find it hard to believe that this picture is thirteen years old, but the date stamp in the bottom corner doesn’t lie.

Or does it? 😛

You couldn't beat the Rollerdrome for a good time.

You couldn’t beat the Rollerdrome for a good time.

This girl, y’all.  We’ve been best friends since kindergarten.  Whatever life throws at us, we get through it together.  She’s the kind of friend you don’t find often, and ours is the kind of friendship that you hold onto with both hands and don’t let go of.

So here’s to another twenty-six years of being best friends.  And may our kids have the kind of relationship that our moms had and that we have, because that would just be awesome. 🙂

How long have you been friends with your best pal?  Do you have any lifelong friends?

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Photo Friday: The door throwback

I don’t know why, but I just love pictures of kids and doors:

Maybe it’s because my sons love to explore (particularly where and when they shouldn’t).  Maybe it’s because it’s a fantastic reminder that to a child, everything is new and different and somehow magical, which is something that adults often seem to forget.  Maybe it’s because it reminds me of the magic I used to see in the world, and that the magic still exists if I’d just take the time to look for it.

I don’t know about you, but I could use a little magic at the moment.

What reminds you to seek the magic in your own life?

Have a great weekend, everybody, and don’t forget to check out Charnele’s throwback post!

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Photo Friday: Besties

This picture isn’t quite as old as some of the others I’ve been posting, but after reading this comment on my scouting throwback post, I decided a post with Miss A. was in order. 🙂


This one is from the summer of 2008, when Miss A. came back for a visit.  I don’t remember why, just that we had a great time seeing each other, as we always do.  It doesn’t matter how far apart we are, we’ll always be the best of friends. 🙂

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Photo Friday: The good ol’ days

Today we revisit the summer of 2003, when I worked for the Reinbeck Courier with my bestest bud and was expecting a bubbly arrival:


Here we are, dancing in the street as the first rain we’d had in a good month or so fell freely from the sky.  It was a beautiful day, and unbeknownst to us (at the time), our boss was watching from the window, camera in hand.  This picture ran on the front page.  We laughed.

Man, I had a good time that summer.  It’s hard to beat doing a job you love with awesome people.

And nothing beats a good rain dance. 🙂

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Have you ever danced in the rain (literally, as above, or figuratively)?

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Photo Friday throwback time!

In honor of Bubbles’ well-received mention of Hoth, here’s a picture of him all dressed up for Halloween:


He’s four in this picture, and it was actually taken at Christmas – his grandma made him the costume as a Christmas gift and he wore it the following Halloween.  He was so excited; he couldn’t wait to go trick-or-treating as Luke-from-the-third-movie-when-he’s-all-in-black-and-has-the-green-light-saber. 🙂

Over the years, Bubbles has become interested in many other awesome things, but he’s a Star Wars fan first and foremost, and I don’t see that ever changing.  Yay! 🙂

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Photo Friday scouting throwback

I was a proud Girl Scout when I was little, and so were pretty much all my friends.  We had great leaders and lots of fun.


This is a picture from a field trip to the local TV station.  I remember this trip being a lot more fun than the one we took for school some years later, but the best part about this picture is that Jenni and I are still friends, even after all these years. 🙂

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Photo Friday already?

Once upon a time, I was quite adept at climbing trees.  This tree was at my grandparents’ house and did a fantastic job of shading their driveway.  I remember, quite vividly, perching in one of its many crotches and writing my first poem (a copy of which I still have somewhere in my office).


When Bubbles was born, I was disappointed that we didn’t have any good climbing trees in our yard.  Then I moved to town, and each new place also lacked good climbing trees.  At last we have a place with lots of trees for the kids to climb, and they’ve taken to it like ducks to water (the older ones, anyway).  To me, there’s nothing quite like climbing a tree for fun and adventure.

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Did you climb trees when you were a kid?  Do you let your kids climb them?

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Photo Friday: Birthday throwback edition!

Today’s throwback post is interesting in its age.  See, I took these pictures last night – they’re my birthday gifts.  But they both hail from the ’90s (literally, in the case of the one), so I feel justified in calling them throwbacks:

I LOVED *NSYNC when I was younger.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I still love them.  When it came time to pick between Team *NSYNC and Team BSB, I was the one in the middle clutching my posters of JC and Nick and pleading for both of them.  Even today, I still can’t decide which group I like better.  So when my sister gave me this poster-cube-thingy, I couldn’t help laughing and then grinning like an idiot all the way home.

Buffy was – apparently – the continuation of a trend.  We watched the 1992 movie on Monday night, followed by The Lost Boys on Tuesday night.  The whole vampire thing started me thinking about Angel, the box set of which lives in the bottom of one of our DVD cabinets, and I decided I’d rather like to watch it.  Except that I didn’t watch Buffy when it originally aired (I didn’t get the channel *sigh*), and I wondered how much backstory I’d be missing if I watched Angel without having seen Buffy.

Seymour to the rescue!  We watched the first two episodes of Buffy last night and have a marathon planned for the weekend.  Good times, great oldies. 🙂

I think I’ve written about how we celebrate birthdays in my family before – what do you do?

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