Photo Friday: Birthday throwback edition!

Today’s throwback post is interesting in its age.  See, I took these pictures last night – they’re my birthday gifts.  But they both hail from the ’90s (literally, in the case of the one), so I feel justified in calling them throwbacks:

I LOVED *NSYNC when I was younger.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I still love them.  When it came time to pick between Team *NSYNC and Team BSB, I was the one in the middle clutching my posters of JC and Nick and pleading for both of them.  Even today, I still can’t decide which group I like better.  So when my sister gave me this poster-cube-thingy, I couldn’t help laughing and then grinning like an idiot all the way home.

Buffy was – apparently – the continuation of a trend.  We watched the 1992 movie on Monday night, followed by The Lost Boys on Tuesday night.  The whole vampire thing started me thinking about Angel, the box set of which lives in the bottom of one of our DVD cabinets, and I decided I’d rather like to watch it.  Except that I didn’t watch Buffy when it originally aired (I didn’t get the channel *sigh*), and I wondered how much backstory I’d be missing if I watched Angel without having seen Buffy.

Seymour to the rescue!  We watched the first two episodes of Buffy last night and have a marathon planned for the weekend.  Good times, great oldies. 🙂

I think I’ve written about how we celebrate birthdays in my family before – what do you do?

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