Photo 365 #269

I recently discovered that Lindor makes truffle bars in addition to actual truffles.

Dear. Lord.  Hallelujah!

Now if only they weren’t so blessed expensive (the only place I’ve seen them is my local gas station, who want a whopping $1.49 for a single bar), I’d buy out the store and be well stocked in chocolate for…a week?  Maybe? 😀

What’s your favorite kind of chocolate?

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Photo 365 #196

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.  The day before, Tuesday, Seymour gave me this:

2015-02-18 13.22.21

And, glutton for punishment that I am, I’ve decided to give it up for Lent.  Yes, writers write, but we also consume vast amounts of chocolate.  What have I done? 😛

Do you give things up for Lent?  What are you giving up this year?

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Photo 365 #181

truffleI bought myself a treat last night in anticipation of reaching my short story goal for the week.  I’m proud to announce that I met said goal this noon and have now done the requisite polishing.  Woo!

Needless to say, I’ve been enjoying my treat.  Because after all, what writer doesn’t love chocolate?  Especially when it’s as good as this!

How do you treat yourself when you reach a goal?

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Photo 365 #83

I bought chocolate and coffee this morning because I can’t think of a better way to spend my royalty check (thanks, Amazon!).


Well, perhaps I can.  After all, there are always more books that need buying and more pop that needs drinking. 🙂

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Photo Friday: Birthdays!

Today, Bubbles turns eleven.  How in the world is it possible that my beautiful baby boy is suddenly eleven?

Startin' 'em off young FTW.

Startin’ ’em off young FTW.

Since this is his weekend at his dad’s, we had his birthday supper last night: Spaghetti with meat sauce and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (and the Heath bits leftover from Tuesday night’s Pampered Chef party).  After he opened his presents, we cleaned up and put the boys to bed before settling in for an episode of Star Trek: Voyager.  It was a good night, and I hope his day and night today will be just as fun.

I love you, Bubbles. ❤

Do you have any family traditions surrounding birthdays?  If so, share ’em below, and don’t forget to stop by Charnele’s blog and check out her birthday pictures – you won’t regret it!

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A chocolatey challenge

The Chocolate Bar Challenge is a blog tour in which participants choose up to eight of their favorite books and then pick the perfect chocolate to go with each of them.  I was tagged by the lovely AFE Smith and since the only thing I like better than books or chocolate is books AND chocolate, this seemed like a fantastic idea.

Now, on to the deliciousness!  In no particular order, of course. 🙂

Time-Enough-for-DrumsFirst up, it’s my all-time favorite book, Time Enough for Drums by Ann Rinaldi.  It’s set in Trenton during the Revolutionary War and follows Jemima, a staunch Patriot who can’t understand why her parents allow a Tory to tutor her.  But things aren’t quite what they seem, and as the war takes an unexpected toll, she learns some hard lessons about freedom and responsibility.  It’s a fantastic book, and I’ve read it so many times I can quote it at length.

Dove-Milk-Wrapper-SmallI think the best chocolate to pair with a great comfort read like this (because it’s one of my favorite comfort reads) is a milk chocolate Dove bar. Smooth and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness…