Photo 365 #109: Treasure

What do I treasure?  Well, I treasure many things, but of all the things I treasure, my family is most important:


This is from our annual summer gathering on my mother-in-law’s side of the family.  While this isn’t everyone, it is the picture in which my children were at least all looking in the direction of the camera, even if they weren’t all smiling.  I love my family, and am blessed to have married into such a wonderful one.

What do you treasure?

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Four.  Today is the fourth day of October, the fourth day of the blog challenge, and I must admit that I am finding myself a bit stuck.  I seem to have a shortage of four stories; I can’t remember any stories of myself at that age and the one I was going to relate about Tomcat’s first fishing trip can be found here.

But, now that I’ve been interrupted and had my poor fried brain distracted for a bit, I’ve remembered a story.  I actually had this one in mind a couple of days ago, only for it to be forgotten because I didn’t write it down (yes, I’m already suffering from CRS at 28).