Photo 365 #109: Treasure

What do I treasure?  Well, I treasure many things, but of all the things I treasure, my family is most important:


This is from our annual summer gathering on my mother-in-law’s side of the family.  While this isn’t everyone, it is the picture in which my children were at least all looking in the direction of the camera, even if they weren’t all smiling.  I love my family, and am blessed to have married into such a wonderful one.

What do you treasure?

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10 thoughts on “Photo 365 #109: Treasure

      • Sandi says:

        My three oldest kids will be home tomorrow night, so that is exciting! Sometimes we go see my parents, but my hisband has to work this week. So we’ll stay here and eat with his parents (who live in town).

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        • Kay Kauffman says:

          That sounds fun. We usually go up to see my mother-in-law’s mother and have Thanksgiving with that side of the family, but she (hubby’s grandma) isn’t doing too well right now and we don’t want to overwhelm her, so we’re heading down to see his folks instead. Our two older kids will both be home with us, so that’ll make it even nicer.

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          • Sandi says:

            It’s going to be great to have a full house, but I absolutely must catch up on the laundry, with three kids about to arrive with dirty clothes (probably). They’ll wash their own, but there is only one washer/dryer. Washer and dryer are running now. . .


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