Photo 365 #90: Water

Water.  It’s everywhere, both around us and within us, in one form or another.  For today’s Photography 101 challenge, I’m once again relying on older pictures, but they’re two of my favorites, and they’ve been in my mind quite a bit lately.

Both photos are from one of our many camping trips last summer.  We haven’t been able to go camping this year at all, aside from the kids camping out in the yard a time or two when it was still warm.  We did, however, find some adorable camping-themed picture frames this summer on our trip up north, so Seymour asked me to get a couple of our camping pictures printed off to put in them.  Perfectly enough for this challenge, one frame was horizontal and one frame was vertical.

Lovely horizontal picture. :)

Lovely horizontal picture, featuring a pretty smile from Miss Tadpole. 🙂

Last summer we camped at Pine Lake several times and on our first trip…