Photo 365 #105: Swarm

The first time I met Seymour’s extended family was at his annual family reunion.  He has a big family.  I know people always think they have a big family (I sure thought so, even though I was including my grandma’s brother’s family in my head count), but Seymour really does – his dad was one of 13 kids.  Reunions always used to be held at a nearby state park due to the number of people who’d come and, while it seems like fewer people have come the last couple of years, there’s still quite a crowd.

So we pull into this park and start looking around.  There are people everywhere, but he can’t see anyone he recognizes, and the only people there that I know aside from him and our kids are his parents.  Finally, he turns to me and says, “Are we in the right place?”

I looked at him like, Really? You’re asking me?