Photo 365 #102: A pop of color

Over the summer, we had a potted impatien out in front of our office.  It was a lovely thing, and when the temps turned colder, we brought it inside.  But sitting just inside the door as it was proved detrimental to its health, and it withered.

One of my coworkers brought it inside and set it near the window in our coat room.  She’s got a much greener thumb than I have, and decided to try nursing it back to health.


Last week, we noticed a bloom.  A couple days later, there was another one.  This morning, I counted four or five, and those are just on the side of the plant I can see – the side facing the window appears to have a few more blooms on it.

Now that we’ve got a bit of snow on the ground, it’s a treat to see something so bright and different amid the white.

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