Photo Friday: Minimalist

IMG_20131205_112005I checked my calendar this morning and realized that – horror of horrors! – Charnele and I are out of prompts for our Photo Friday feature.


But then I saw that this week’s photo challenge is all about minimalism, and guess what?  I just happen to have something that fits the bill.  It’s a picture of the frozen condensation on my bathroom window one morning last winter.  Sadly, I awoke to find condensation on the inside of the windows in our new house this morning, and it’s not even that cold yet (although we did finally break down and turn on the heat yesterday).

I hate to think what it’ll be like in another month or so when winter is in full swing.

(c) 2014.  All rights reserved.


Photo 365 #92: Solitude

solitaryLiving in the country can be a lonely thing, which is why I was initially worried about living out in the middle of nowhere again (okay, I had other concerns, too, but isolation was a biggie).  This fence post (and the barbed wire wrapped around it) marks the end of our yard and the beginning of the field next door.

It’s a solitary place, our little farm, but I find it relaxing, and peaceful.  Sometimes a little solitude is all you really need to soothe your inner demons and gain perspective on things.

(c) 2014.  All rights reserved.