Need something new to read?

Then step right up, because all this week I’m going to be showcasing some fantastic books.  First up is Donna Yates’s book, The Lone Hero.  Escape to another world for the holidays where dragons rule and meet:

War has begun on Aberforth, the home-world of the dragons. The eternal being Einarr accepts his first mortal mission – to put an end to the warring but it will take most of his lifetime to try. In order for Einarr to have more strength than any other human, the dragon leader Zavat infuses him with some of his own strength and qualities.

Intrigued?  I know I am!  But in case that didn’t whet your appetite…


Photo 365 #109: Treasure

What do I treasure?  Well, I treasure many things, but of all the things I treasure, my family is most important:


This is from our annual summer gathering on my mother-in-law’s side of the family.  While this isn’t everyone, it is the picture in which my children were at least all looking in the direction of the camera, even if they weren’t all smiling.  I love my family, and am blessed to have married into such a wonderful one.

What do you treasure?

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