Photo 365 #114

sb2Nothing today has been what I expected. I’d expected to get a whole bunch of laundry done and put away. I’d expected to get some more work done on my revisions. I’d even hoped to get a new photo editing program installed on my computer and maybe, if I was really lucky, go to the UNI play-off game with the family tonight.

But as the old saying goes, I plan and God laughs.

Instead, I was up half of last night with an out-of-sorts Thumper. Bubbles and Miss Tadpole assisted in trying to calm him down the first time, as they weren’t yet in bed, which left me feeling all sorts of warm and fuzzy. Then today, I spent the day waging war against a particularly stubborn migraine, which still hasn’t subsided. (Grrr.) Once again, it was Bubbles and Miss Tadpole to the rescue – they kept an eye on the boys when my medicine made me sleepy and did their chores without argument. Once again, I felt all sorts of warm and fuzzy. 🙂

Despite having searched high and low for someone to watch the boys so we could go to the game tonight, I didn’t get to go to the game. Everyone was busy, and by the time we thought to just buy the boys their own tickets, the game had sold out. But since I’m still not feeling that well, I didn’t mind too much.

As we headed up to meet Seymour so he could take the kids to the game, Thumper conked out in the car. He hasn’t napped in two days, so I worried that he’d wake up as soon as we got home and then not go back to sleep at bedtime. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t wake up when we got home. His eyes fluttered open for a minute while I took his coat off, but he went right back to sleep. I took this picture in the parking lot before we headed home – I just loved the lighting in it. He looks like he hasn’t a care in the world, and I hope he holds onto that peace for a long, long time.

All these things have left me feeling particularly blessed – after all, you can’t know joy without sadness. What things – or people – make you feel blessed?

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