Photo 365 #105: Swarm

The first time I met Seymour’s extended family was at his annual family reunion.  He has a big family.  I know people always think they have a big family (I sure thought so, even though I was including my grandma’s brother’s family in my head count), but Seymour really does – his dad was one of 13 kids.  Reunions always used to be held at a nearby state park due to the number of people who’d come and, while it seems like fewer people have come the last couple of years, there’s still quite a crowd.

So we pull into this park and start looking around.  There are people everywhere, but he can’t see anyone he recognizes, and the only people there that I know aside from him and our kids are his parents.  Finally, he turns to me and says, “Are we in the right place?”

I looked at him like, Really?  You’re asking me? and said, “How the heck should I know?  This is your family – I’ve never met any of these people!”

He kept scanning the crowd and a moment later said, “Oh!  There’s Uncle Robert – we’re in the right place.”


When your family’s that big, it makes it hard to get together often, but this year we seem to be getting together more often than normal.  Today we attended the third funeral on Seymour’s side of the family in almost as many months.  There was also a wedding and soon it’ll be time for the annual Christmas celebration, but these more somber events seem to be occurring more and more frequently.  I love getting together with family, but I’m always sorry when it’s for reasons like this.

Of course, our day with family wasn’t all sorrow.  Cricket’s godmother and her husband welcomed their first baby home this past Sunday, and we stopped by to see the little guy on our way back home.  He’s a happy, healthy miniature version of his daddy, and I can’t wait to get to know him better as he grows up.

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14 thoughts on “Photo 365 #105: Swarm

        • Kay Kauffman says:

          There are so many possibilities for this prompt! I saw someone mention a swarm of cats, and I actually have a few photos of swarms of cats, but none of them are very good (my ex-husband’s mother has north of 50 cats on her farm, and those are just the outside ones – there are more inside).


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