There are many things I love about this picture:


I love the colors. I love how otherworldly the whole scene feels. But what I love most is the memories I have from the day I shot this picture. I was out in the yard with my kids, teaching them a few things about photography for their 4-H projects. I happened to see this lonely little violet underneath one of the pine trees in our yard, and I couldn’t help shooting it.

There’s a whole other world out there. You just have to get down in the dirt to find it.

Also? That’s a twig in the picture, not a full-size branch. 🙂

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Pop and color

There’s nothing overly spectacular about this shot, except for the color:


I took this at Mayo Clinic, and I remember being struck by the color. The red of the poinsettias was brilliant compared to the rest of the room, and it made a long day a little bit brighter.

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Experiment: Light!

I love photographing flowers almost as much as I love shooting the sky. I love all the textures, the shapes, the way you can create a whole scene with nothing more than a few stamen and a petal.

Here, then, are some pretty, pretty flowers, shot in a variety of lighting conditions and from a variety of angles:

Clearly I have trouble limiting myself to a few pictures. Thank goodness for digital photography, or I’d go broke developing pictures! 🙂

What kinds of things do you enjoy experimenting with in your photography?

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Photo 365 #365

For my final photo in this project, I’ve settled on another one of my many, many flower shots:


I can’t help it – I love shooting flowers.  They’re so pretty, and in the right light, they positively sing.  I mean, look at those colors!  And the clarity of this image – I haven’t done a thing to it, other than transfer the image from my phone to my computer.

I love it when things turn out like this, and I’m glad I can end my photo-a-day project on such a stunning note. 🙂

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Photo 365 #364

20150801_134933Despite the heat and humidity, the flowers around our house have been flourishing.  Check out these beauties!

I’m not completely sure what kind of flower they are, but we have three different shades of them growing around our house, and they populate the local ditches as well.  They’re gorgeous, and every time I see them, it puts a smile on my face.

What puts a smile on your face?

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Photo 365 #355

It’s another darkish, rainy day, so I thought a bit of sunshine was in order:


Now if only the sky looked as bright as this beautiful bloom. *sigh*

How’s the weather where you are? Is it beautifully sunny or dank and dreary?

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Photo 365 #354

This is another sunflower I saw out and about over the weekend, and I love the way this shot turned out:

2015-07-25 10.49.36

I love that you can see all the little hairs on the stem and leaves, and I love the color in the image.  It reminds me a bit of Van Gogh’s sunflowers, though I am in no way as good with my camera as he was with a paintbrush.

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