Photo 365 #66

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a thing for sunsets:


And with sunsets like these, can you blame me?  I love Iowa. 🙂

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Photo 365 #42

I had to go pick the kids up from Faith Formation (CCD for all you old-schoolers) last night and, as the sun is setting a little earlier each night now, I couldn’t help watching the western sky out my window as I drove north to church.


No, I didn’t take this while I was driving.  (If I had, it wouldn’t have turned out so well.)  I did take a couple others where the trees weren’t in the way, and they turned out just as nicely as these.

I love sunsets.  And fall.  I only wish the hint of green I could see in my rearview mirror would have shown up because the setting sun gave the clouds a faint rainbow appearance last night that was just magical.

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Photo 365 #29

I spent a good half hour or so tonight walking up and down my road trying to get a good enough signal on my phone to upload a picture (more on why tomorrow, with any luck). Our internet is down and I was too impatient to just wait till tomorrow.

Naturally, then, my phone failed to cooperate. I finally got four (out of five) bars and it still wasn’t good enough.

I know – totally a first-world problem.

But, lucky me, my little walk wasn’t a total loss. It’s been raining off and on all day, so there’ve been plenty of clouds, and they make the most brilliant sunsets. I managed to get this picture on the way back home, as thunder rumbled to the south and the breeze filled my ears with the song of crickets and the scent of growing things filled my nose:


It was a calming walk. I should do more of that.

I should also wear proper shoes next time I venture out on my own. Slippers just aren’t meant for gravel travel.

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