…because sometimes a reminder of all that is beautiful in the world can make you feel whole, even when you’re broken.

What beauty stirs your soul?

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Watercolor Halo

Pink and purple blend
Together at sunset in
A watercolor sky,

While in the darking
East the rising moon slips on
A golden halo.

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img_20161228_200201_427Sky of fire,
Burning bright,
Shower me in
Cleansing light.

Sky of fire,
Stay a while,
Linger gently
Like a smile.

Sky of fire,
Hold me tight –
Don’t go gently
Into the night.

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Eastern Haze

There’s a haze in the
East. A pastel filter has
Settled over field

And stream, sky and stone.
The birds have ceased their trilling,
The sun has found its

Rest. For a moment,
All is still; the eastern haze
Recalls another

Time, a simpler time,
Like looking at a fav’rite
Faded photograph.

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Photo 365 #220

I captured this stunner of a sunset on my way to pick Bubbles up from church the other night.

2015-03-11 19.41.13

If I hadn’t had to pick him up, I could’ve happily sat on the side of the road photographing the sky till the sun went down.  I know I’ve said it before (about a million times, probably), but I love our sunsets here.

What do you love about where you live?

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Orange you glad it’s the weekend?

This week’s Daily Press Photo Challenge is all about the color orange.  The world is full of orange, and I can’t get enough of it (especially the color we had our living room painted in our last house – I think it was called Hearthstone or something like that – it was gorgeous and I could have painted every room in the house that color).  Since I’m such a sunset devotee, I decided to share some of my more orangey pictures (though a couple other things made their way in as well).

Don’t forget to check out some of the other orange posts, and have a great weekend! 🙂

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Photo 365 #204

A gorgeous sunset capped off a gorgeous day yesterday:

2015-02-26 17.56.24

The colors in the sky were almost as pretty as the colors the fading sun cast out on the snow. 🙂

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