Photo 365 #42

I had to go pick the kids up from Faith Formation (CCD for all you old-schoolers) last night and, as the sun is setting a little earlier each night now, I couldn’t help watching the western sky out my window as I drove north to church.


No, I didn’t take this while I was driving.  (If I had, it wouldn’t have turned out so well.)  I did take a couple others where the trees weren’t in the way, and they turned out just as nicely as these.

I love sunsets.  And fall.  I only wish the hint of green I could see in my rearview mirror would have shown up because the setting sun gave the clouds a faint rainbow appearance last night that was just magical.

(c) 2014.  All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “Photo 365 #42

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      I love spring, too – I love the way everything comes alive with the rain. I don’t like dealing with the rain, especially when it all ends up in my basement, but I do love the rest of it. And while I love summer’s cool, clear nights and bright blue skies, I hate the temps.

      But like you said – fall is magical. That’s the perfect way to describe it. 🙂

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