Tuesday Daydreams now on Smashwords!

TDSWAt long last (seriously, it’s taken a while), I’ve made Tuesday Daydreams: A Journal in Verse available on Smashwords.  You can now read all my silly little poems in a variety of formats!

I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to this – I intended to do it shortly after initial publication two and a half years ago, but I never did.  It was pretty simple, for the most part.  And now I know what I need to do to get the follow-up volume ready to go!

With the Smashwords edition comes a new cover.  I’m not sure I like it yet, but it’ll do for now, I suppose.  I’ve added the new cover to the Kindle version as well, but it may not be live till tomorrow.  As for the paperback…it’s sticking with the old cover for now.

So!  If you’d like to get your hands on a copy, check out Amazon and Smashwords!

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Photo 365 #30

I’ve been cleaning my office.

2014-09-07 22.38.58

These are two of the four tins stuffed full of notes that I saved from my high school years.  I read through a few of them and couldn’t help laughing; my friends and I were big fans of writing in code, one friend in particular, and I’ve now lost the key to one of the codes we used to use.  I found several notes written in said code and couldn’t read a single one. 🙂  There was, however, one note that utilized two codes, one of which I could read.  Unfortunately, only one word was written in that code, so I now know who the note was about, but I’ve long since forgotten what it was about.

Good times, great oldies.  Here’s to you, mis amigos! 😀

(c) 2014.  All rights reserved.