Photo 365 #37

Our bunnies, Oreo and Midnight (one guess what they look like) got new homes today.  Now they have their own room to hop about and curl up and eat and drink and just be.

But today’s post isn’t really about the bunnies.


We took the boys out to see the bunnies once they were all settled and Thumper got distracted by the kitties roaming the yard.  He feels compelled to pick up the cats every time he sees them, and if he has to chase them in order to pick them up?  So much the better, in his opinion.

He loves his kitties. 🙂

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That’s right, I’ve privatized the majority of my poetry posts.  I’m working on a follow-up to Tuesday Daydreams, and in preparation, I’ve made private all the posts that will be featured in my second collection.  Formatting with two little monkeys climbing on me is proving a challenge, and I’m having issues with a couple other things, but I hope to have it available soon.

I’ll keep you posted!

(c) 2014.  All rights reserved.