Trees? Yes, trees!

With me today is another new author, Sam Smith.  His debut novel, Trees, releases on October 31 from Safkhet Publishing.  Take it away, Sam!

My thanks to Kay Kauffman for asking me to guest on her blog.

Although I’ve done many things sub-literary in my writing life – organised poetry festivals and book fairs, run a small press, Original Plus, and for nearly 20 years now the poetry magazine The Journal (once ‘of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry’); and although I’ve had many publishers of my work, 2 of which went disastrously bust while I was working as editor for them, Safkhet Publishing is the first that has suggested that I be a guest blogger.

treesThe novel by the way is Trees and Safkhet are based in Germany.

I’m based in the UK on the Cumbrian coast. Maryport describes itself as ‘By the sea near the Lakes.’ Not wholly sure
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Writing 201: Landscape

I do love landscapes, as I’m sure you’re well aware, and Iowa has no shortage of beautiful vistas.  Naturally, I was pretty excited when I saw that today would be all about landscapes.  The challenge was to do a found poem and use enumeratio, but I think I did a better job with the enumeratio yesterday.  Still, uh…well, it’s a pretty little poem, and if I hadn’t been running late this morning, I’d have stopped and snapped a picture of the trees I found so inspiring this morning.

Instead, you get this – a picture of my found poem, and a proper transcription of the same.  Happy Thursday! 🙂

sculptureLiving Sculpture

Leafless trees reach
For the sky
Amid the frozen waves
Of an icy sea,
Mother Nature’s sculptures
On show for all
To see.

(Just for the record, these cuttings are supposed to represent a tree, not a chicken’s foot.  Or a cactus.  Or any of the zillion things that aren’t trees that I’m beginning to see as I look at this picture.  Guess it’s a good thing I’m not paid to artistically arrange pieces of paper.) 🙂

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