Well, I’ve done it…

I entered The Lokana Chronicles in the Dundee International Book Prize last night.  Hitting ‘send’ on that email was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I did it in the end and now all I have to do is sit back and wait.  And not hold my breath.

Thus begins my (presumably) soul-sucking journey toward publication because, let’s face it, I’m not sure I really want to go to all the effort it will take to do the self-publishing thing.  I know several people who have done it and are doing so successfully, but I’m not sure that I’m cut out for it.  I’d love to sell my book to a Big 6 publisher, but I’m not holding my breath on it.  I hope I’m prepared for all the rejections I know will come, but I’m also hoping that the stars will miraculously align in my favor and my journey will be a relatively quick and painless one.

No, I’m not on drugs.  Unless sleep deprivation counts as a drug and if that’s the case, then I’ve been stoned out of my gourd for the last two years.  But I’m pretty sure that’s not the case, no matter how much it feels like it is some days.

In other news, after much time spent beating my head against a cyber-wall while trying to format with a nasty cold, my poetry anthology is coming along quite nicely.  Now I just need to get the proof copy ordered and make sure it looks okay.  Here’s hoping!

Also?  Tax season – and Monday – totally kicked my butt today.  Way to go, Monday.

And now, I think it’s time for bed.  Assuming, that is, that I can sleep.  I’ve been having trouble with that lately.  Maybe I’ll just stay up a little while longer and look up people to query…

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Friends don’t let friends eat literary puffer butt

Yes, you read that right: Friends don’t let friends eat literary puffer butt.  I’ve been reading Kristen Lamb’s lovely blog the last couple of days and have found quite a few useful tidbits there, not to mention a couple of laughs that nearly caused me to snort my milk.  I had planned this awesome, thought-provoking post about things from her blog that I agreed with, as well as things I disagreed with, but this stupid cold I have is kicking the crap out of me.  I feel like I’m stuck in a never-ending cage match with…um…well, anyone who’s in better shape than me, to be honest.  The Rock.  Yeah, he’ll do.  He could probably beat the crap out of me with his pinky.  I mean, naturally I hope he doesn’t hit women, but my brain isn’t functioning so well right now, so just take whatever I say with a grain of salt.  Except for that first sentence.  And the second one.  And the next paragraph.  It should be funny.  Seriously, just keep reading, okay?  Okay.

I also enjoy reading Chuck “Writing is when I make the words.  Editing is when I make them not shitty.” Wendig’s blog, especially his “25 Things…” series and his “Transmissions from Baby-Town” series.  The latest transmission from Baby-Town was seriously funny.  Parts of it reminded me of my own kids.  Go.  Check it out.  Unless you are vehemently opposed to creative combinations of profane words, you will probably find it laugh-out-loud funny (yes, I’m old-school like that).

Okay, I should probably get back to editing now.  I’ve been throwing myself upon the Word altar and begging the gods of Microsoft to save my work with obsessive abandon over the last couple of weeks as I try to finish my massive revision project by the end of the month.  I’d love to be done by the end of the week, but I’m not holding my breath.  Anyway, why the rush when I’ve been trying to edit the beast for the last year?  (God, I can’t believe I’ve been editing (or rather, not editing but procrastinating) for a year already.)  Because entries for the Dundee International Book Prize close March 1 and I’ve decided to enter.  Apparently it was just the thing I needed to get my lazy butt motivated because I’ve gotten 24 of my 30 chapters edited since the first of the month.  Now if only I can get the last few chapters done by the weekend, I think I’ll be all set.  I’m not holding my breath on winning, but I’ll never know if I don’t try, and I’m determined to prove the hubby wrong (he who believes I can make a career of writing but probably won’t because I fear failure).  I’m a stubborn one, after all.

So, to recap: Must find more caffeine.  Must edit.  Y’all must read.  Go.  Read.  Report back here.  Or don’t.  Actually, don’t.  Then I won’t be tempted to further procrastinate my editing.  Or do.  Yes, do report back here.  Be my enablers.  Who needs sleep, anyway?  I can edit after the kids are asleep, right?  Right?  Zzzzz…

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The Lokana Chronicles

Well, for all those who haven’t checked it out on authonomy, I’ve posted the first chapter of The Lokana Chronicles for your reading pleasure.  You can find it here.  I’ve been editing like mad lately and I’m making steady progress – I’ve just finished with Chapter 11 today.  Now to get through the next eighteen…

And that’s all I’ve got for today – my cold’s still kicking my butt.  Sorry.

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Something new!

Since it’s been, oh, let’s just say a week or so since I posted last, I thought it was high time for something new.  Sorry, there’s no sugar in this post.  I ate it all yesterday in the form of a wonderful cupcake from Scratch, courtesy of Seymour (“Feed me, Seymour!”) the Wonder Husband.

Thanks to the wonders of social media (sorry I can’t be more specific – I’m fighting a head cold and losing the battle), I ran across an interesting article on titles and professional attitudes this morning.  I liked it so much that I just had to share.  And if you’re not following me on Twitter, then you may have missed this!  It’s a post from my good friend Sophie Tallis that was featured on The Bedlam Daily.  Sophie’s post is the third in a series chronicling her inspiration for her debut novel, White Mountain, which is due out from Safkhet Publishing in September 2012.  Safkhet are the same wonderful folks who brought you The Banned Underground by the delightful Will Macmillan Jones.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think it’s time I settled down in our conference room for a nice little siesta.  Then I’ll be able to whip this cold into submission and leave it lying prostrate on the floor before me, begging for mercy as I drive the cold hard stake of good health through its quivering, bloody remains.  Wow, that was kinda graphic, wasn’t it?  Guess that’s what happens when I’m tired and sick – I start dreaming of quivering globs of bodily fluids that are better left to the imagination.  Wait, that doesn’t sound right…Okay, time to hit up the cold medicine!

Note: I must apologize for that last paragraph.  The brain cells responsible for its content have been sacked and replaced with trout.  If I seem preoccupied with bubbles in the future, it must be noted that the fish are responsible for said preoccupation, not me.  So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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Day is done

Thank goodness today is done!  It was definitely a Monday round these parts and I am glad to be done and moving on with the rest of the week.  Here’s hoping it’s better than today was.

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I’ve been interviewed!

That’s right, I’ve been interviewed again!  This time the Grand Inquisitor was none other than the Alliance’s resident Lady Midnight Marauder, Katrina Anne Jack.  You can read the interview over at her blog.  Meanwhile, be sure to check out her book, The Land of Midnight Days!

In other news, the editing continues.  I’ve finished revising the first fourth of the book and am ready to get cracking on the rest of it.  Now if only I could find some spare time in the evenings!  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I need to get done as well as everything I want to get done.  Oh, if only needs and wants were always the same!

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Blood of Dragamere

Blood of Dragamere, the latest book from Gretchen Steen, is now available from outlets near and far!  Order now and keep an eye on your mailbox for the continuing adventures of Chelsey and Damian. You can find it at Smashwords and Amazon in e-book format and at Lulu.com in either paperback or hardcover versions for all you other dead-tree-loving types.  Click here for a teaser and visit Gretchen’s awesome website to see the trailer.

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