Build the Enterprise!

First things first – I read an awesome article on about the possibility of building a spaceship like the USS Enterprise from Star Trek with today’s technology.  Serious. Cool.  There were a number of other interesting links at the end of the article, as well as a link to, the project’s homepage.  This is so many shades of awesome that I don’t even know where to start.  Seymour shared this with me last night and we were both as giddy as could be.  The geek is strong with us. 🙂

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my way, I had an excellent Mother’s Day and since it was just too much to capture in a haiku, I decided an actual post was perhaps in order.  Yesterday was quite lovely.  Tomcat arrived around eight and promptly set to work helping Seymour with a variety of things, including my present, while I played with/fed/enjoyed Cricket and Thumper.  Seymour bought some pretty hostas at a garage sale Saturday and he and Tomcat built a couple of flowerbeds and planted the hostas for me as my gift.

The larger hostas were planted a couple of years ago. Here’s hoping the smaller ones thrive as well as the others!

Then we went out to Pizza Ranch and overindulged at their buffet (pizza and barbecue and onion rings, oh my!) before heading home to put our new bike trailer together.  That was my kind of assembly project – I pulled it out of the box, snapped a few pins in place, put on the wheels and the four-season cover, and voilá!  Ze trailer, she was a-done.  Tadpole came over in mid-assembly and the six of us loaded everything up and headed out to the bike trail for a ride to Morrison and back (a trip of about eight miles altogether).  I’m in absolutely pathetic shape and my thighs were killing me last night, but they’re not as sore today as I thought they’d be.  My back is another story, but that’s probably because I carried fifteen very heavy boxes of tile down to my basement yesterday since Seymour’s knees (which are completely lacking in cartilage) were bothering him.  Despite lugging around approximately 50 lbs. of kid on a daily basis, I have very little upper body strength and that tile was heavy.  But it worked well as part of my get-in-shape-any-way-I-can plan, which is mostly not going very well, so.  Yeah.

Today I got three more submissions sent off.  Yay!  Now where’s my Zantac? 😛  Maybe I can get a few more sent off tonight.  Here’s hoping to someone liking my work enough to sign me!

And here’s to the start of a great week!

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