Blue Christmas

‘Tis the season to be
Jolly, joyous, ho ho ho.
But I feel more like

Sorry, friends, but no
No, no – I just don’t think so.
All the fun, all the

Joy, all the very
Merry Christmas cheery bell-
Ringing happy types

Can usually
Count me in their number, but
Not this year, not when

Everything seems to
Stress me out, mess me up, dress
Me down.  This year I

Feel anti-Christmas,
Anti-social, anti-fun.
Yep, I’ve got the blues,

The Christmas blues.

(c) 2012.  All rights reserved.

15 thoughts on “Blue Christmas

  1. Marisa Meissa says:

    Loved your poem. I am not fond of the holidays (especially Christmas) — supposed to be family — but it is no longer since a rift began years ago. Just be grateful for what you have and think about people who are less fortunate than you are and tell yourself things can be worse. Stop listening to the news will help too — and hug your family tight and be grateful you have a family to hug.

    Cheer up and have a Merry Christmas anyway despite the horrible news and just be grateful for what you have!

    Marisa Meissa and Rooster Lady Sister wishes you and everyone a Merry Christmas! May we ALL have a better New Year 2013 in all categories!


    • Kay Kauffman says:

      I’ve got a family rift of my own forming at the moment. Between that and dealing with exes and the inevitable stress of traveling and cleaning and preparing for the arrival of the in-laws, maybe it’s no wonder I’m feeling blue. But like I said before, maybe I just needed a good night’s sleep. Last week was rather a rough week.


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